Saturday, October 20, 2012

The List: #1

Everyone seems to have their own version of a "Top 10" list, or a carefully edited run-down of the most indispensable items a woman should have in her closet...the must haves. Well, I was feeling a little left out and wanted to put in my two cents worth of opinion on the subject. What are those trustworthy pieces that everyone should have on stand-by that will never let you down and always take you where you need to go??  My #1: The Classic "Men's" Dress Shirt.  I say it in quotation marks because it doesn't really have to be from the men's department, but I find the over sized look of a boxy cut preferable. This style of shirt is clean, timeless and probably the most diverse garment(s) I own. I tie, twist, tuck, button, unbutton and layer these shirts into so many different looks, I literally wear one every other day. It doesn't have to be white, just as long as it's neutral (like a navy pinstripe or light gray), simple, and is big enough that it falls away from the body. If it's classic enough it can be worn with just about everything!

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