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Kiel Mead: Forget Me Not Ring

(at Future Perfect, LA)

3.1 Phillip Lim

If you think about the quintessential, or maybe I should say stereotypical, style fundamentals of punk it's deconstructed, disestablished and nonconformist. Well, Phillip Lim isn't exactly punk rock, and I'm sure that wasn't the intention with this cardigan. Maybe it's because of the prim, clean, conventionality of this piece that I want a little punk rebellion added: Skintight jeans, ripped t-shirt, leather, studs and someone who will sweat and dance in it all night until those pretty, little sequins fall off. That's what I envision.

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This LA design duo once styled together and realized they couldn't find exactly what they wanted in the available denim lines...hmm, sounds familiar. They use vintage styles as inspiration and tailor them to have a more modern fit. I love the country-bumpkin meets trailer-trash aesthetic of this collection and am impressed by their refusal to stay in the "denim box" of what's trendy and popular. Yes, I do love my skin-tight, hipster jeans too. But hand me a slouchy, dirty, worn-in pair that my mother would shake her head at, and I'm a happy girl.
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Graham and Spencer

Porsche P8433 Sunglasses

These were designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (creator of the original Porsche 911 and son to founder Ferry Porsche) in 1978. They have liquid-filled nose pads, unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, spring-loaded hinges, are 100% UV protective, framed in either nickel or titanium and have two sets of interchangeable colored lenses...sorry Rayban, I love you but you've just been trumped.

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Acne Jeans


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Michelle Fantaci


I ended-up with my favorite t-shirt by accident, due to my own negligence I'm sure, while shopping online one afternoon. I thought I'd purchased a cashmere blend, but was pleasantly surprised when I was delivered a drapy, black v-neck in a tissue-thin modal/silk combination. It's slightly sheer and has a tendency to fall flirtatiously to one side, but not off. This white, pocketed style is sure to be in my possession next...intentionally this time.

Les Chiffoniers

No, this particular style of legging isn't for everyone. But isn't that kind of the point? And yes, they're made of PVC.

Les Chiffoniers

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Brian Atwood



We all end up wearing clothes that are essentially a variation on a theme. And whatever your theme may be...Jeans & T-shirts. All black. Low necklines. 10-billion layers...I'm sure you have several similar items in your wardrobe that are the foundation of your own personal style. I'm the last person who would ever want to be thought of as predictable, but I also have a theme. Items that I'm attracted to because I feel they suit my body and personality. This sweater is a great example: It's gray. It's cut loose around the torso for an "I'm effortless-but-chic" shape. It has understated detail that is anything but fussy. And I can still pair it with 10-billion layers. Have you ever thought about what your theme is?? (at Oak, NY)

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Scout, LA

Victor Osborne

Alexander Wang

Charlotte Olympia

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is...well, Kate Moss.
And we love her.
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Sequin hat + preen suede pump + paneled playsuit + Kate Moss cropped jacket= $447. I also would wear the playsuit (I really enjoy saying that!) with an enormously over-sized sweater and worn-in motorcycle boots...but that's just me. (all at